Dog training in a boarding kennel

Dog training in a boarding kennel (Dog Training Boot Camp)

Our advanced facilities:

  • Ability to train all year long in and outdoors in our training areas
  • Access all year long to train on large, grassy areas for comfort
  • Ability to train in a professional indoor training facility for both dog shows and discipline. The area is air conditioned and suitable for days that outdoor training is irrelevant
אילוף כלבים

אילוף כלבים

About the Training Course

When a dog completes a training course, we expect from the dog to be at a high level of communication with the owners with ongoing improvement, better behavior and self-confidence.

Our Team of Dog Trainers

The “alpha” of the team, stands the expert and founder of the dog training at Bait Erez, a retired military commander, Eli Shahar. With over 30 years of experience in dog handling in the most pretentious working environments such as several different positions in the police force, military officer for country wide dog handling and worldwide dog handling and training in other country’s military units. Eli Shahar is responsible for all the dog training that occurs here and takes part in all activities, including the group training as well as the training at our dog boarding facility.

Our Mission

We believe that the owners of the dog must take part of the training process in order to understand the technique and proper method of training their own dog. The part of the training that the owners do with their dog is done in a group which will strengthen the communication levels between the dog and the owner.

About The Dog Boarding and Training in Combination

The dog training at our boarding center occurs by bringing your dog to our facility for a period of 3 weeks to one month, according to the dog’s personality, teach-ability index and age. The owners must take part in the training process at least once a week.


  • Faster training process than training dog alone at home
  • More professional training process than training dog at home
  • The training process is fast, easy and flexible – Most of the work is done by our professional dog trainers by fixing unwanted behaviour and building boundaries and limits, and the owner just has to maintain the work that the trainers do during the week.

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