Bait Erez Dogslife Dog Boarding Kennel

Why Choose Bait Erez Dogslife Dog Boarding Kennel?

  • We hold a group of professional dog handlers that are managed by Guy Chamami, a professional dog handler certified phase 1 and phase 2. Guy used to be an educator in an agricultural school for dog handling, and he has been in the profession for over 20 years.
  • On the second floor, we have a training facility with obstacles and ramps allowing for indoor walks as well with air conditioning during hot temperatures. The training facility is over 800 square meters, and closed completely by walls and a steel door entrance/exit.
  • Professional dog boarding employees that are present on the property of the kennel 24/7
  • Both dogs and cats are fed premium quality food by Royal Canin, which offers a spectrum of different types of food according to the breed, health condition and size of the dog.
  • Dog and cat boarding facility is maintained to a high Central European standard, offering all the possible services one can think of at a boarding kennel.
  • We offer different sized rooms that best meet the needs of the dog or cat, taking the age and size of the dog into consideration.

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About Bait Erez Dogslife

The dog and cat boarding kennel was built in 1967 within the Millatin family’s large, pastoral back yard in Mishmar HaShiva, located in central Israel. Bait Erez Dogslife was one of the first dog and cat boarding kennels built in Israel.

Over the past 33 years, the boarding kennel was located in a regular building, up until 2010, when the family decided to build a much larger building with higher standards, 3 floors and larger yards for the dogs.

The facility was built after doing thorough research in Europe to see how similar buildings were designed so that the family could set their standard at a certain level in comparison to other boarding kennels around the world. The dog and cat boarding kennel has 3 floors: one for the dogs, one for the cats, and the third for dog training and dog shows.

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