Dog Boarding Kennel

Are you going on vacation? Looking for a dog boarding kennel? Here at Bait Erez Dogslife we would be more than happy to take in your four legged friends to stay with us at our European standard boarding kennel, including private rooms for each dog and cat, large spacious rooms, as well as different sized yards for the dogs to run around in during the day.

Here at Bait Erez Dogslife, we make sure to maintain a balanced nutrition for your pets. We feed all our guests Royal Canin according to the size of the dog/cat, the age and breed. Our dog boarding kennel is help in a professional manner, with over 40 years of excellence and is the best place to leave your furry friends while you are not at home.

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פנסיון לכלבים

פנסיון לכלבים

What We Do:

A high quality facility at a European Standard offering a wide variety of services.

Our Dog Guest Rooms:

  • Large rooms and yards for physical activity
  • Each dog has a private room for him/herself
  • Each room has a water fountain that refills bowls automatically in order to always rpivide fresh drinking water for the dogs
  • Dogs are placed into a room that is most suitable for them according to size, breed, living habits and personality

The Bait Erez Dogslife Advantage:

  • Large facility that not all people can offer for dogs
  • Open grass space for walks and activity
  • Indoor fully air conditioned training facility over 800 square meters allowing for training sessions, indoor walks with the dogs.
  • In house dog grooming spa and salon
  • In house pet supplies store
  • Team members are on property 24/7 to take care of the dogs at all hours of the day

The Food We Have

Here at our dog boarding kennel we provide our dogs and cats with Royal Canin, offering the best type of food for the dog/cat according to the type of breed, size and habits.

Our Location:

We are located in Mishmar Ha Shiva, central Israel, just minutes away from Ben Gurion Airport as well as all the surrounding cities. We are located at a radius of a 30 minute drive between Rehovot from the South and Raanana from the North.

For those who have been here before, there’s no more to add, and for those who still haven’t seen the place, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.


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